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Last Chance for SRECII Incentive!

If you want to go Solar, don't wait! Solar incentives for municipal electric companies under the SREC II program ends on November 26th.

To qualify, your system needs to be installed and turned on by that date - so what are you waiting for? 

When you sign a contract with us by October 28th, we'll do our best to get you into the program. And, if we're not able to, we'll rebate you a portion of what you would have earned under SREC II.

What is SREC?

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) are certificates earned by producing solar energy. These can be bought and sold on a renewable energy market, kind of like the stock market or a commodity, with values subject to the usual supply-and-demand pressures of a marketplace. The SRECs you hold are directly proportional to how much solar power you generate.

Specifically, for homeowners, every 1,250 kWh generated between 1,429 and 1,818 kWh you will earn one SREC. This translates into about $150-$270 of income for every SREC generated. These SRECs are guaranteed to be paid out every quarter for the next 10 years once your solar system is installed. SRECs end November 26. Sign up by October 28 in order to become eligible. Eligibility subject to approval. 

Don't Miss Out on SREC Savings! Contact Us today to get started.